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To provide one stop solution for all your power needs, we manufacture a wide range of LT panels and distribution boards duly approved by CPRI. With the state of art manufacturing facility, we have wide range of panels covering main LT panels, motor control & power control centre panels, auto mains failure panels and DG synchronizing panels.

Various type of panels manufactured by Jakson are as under:

Fire Fighting Control Panels

- The panel recieves information from devices to detect and report fires, monitors their operational integrity and provides automatic control of equipment control of equipment, and transmission of information neessary to prepare the facility for fire based on a predetermined sequence.

Main LT Panels

- Extensively used for controlling flow of power and protection from overloading against short circuit, overload, improving power factor etc.

Motor control & Power control center panels

- used for connecting the individual motors for manually, remotely or automatically starting, stopping selecting forward and reverse rotation, selecting and regulating the speed and protecting against overload, reverse phasing, earth fault , under current, over current etc.

Auto mains failure panels

- Used to control start/stop of diesel generator sets in accordance with the availability of mains power supply

DG synchronizing panels

- Used to control the functionality of multiple diesel generator sets.


Switch Gear


Fire Fighting Panel


LT Panels


VCB Panels