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Industrial Engines

Air Cooled

Water Cooled

The Industrial Engine business group's activities are moulded completely according to the motive power needs of customers who require
products from 5 hp to 1500 hp in the Industrial Engine space globally. We manufacture a variety of quality diesel engines powering more
than 85 Industrial Engine applications across seven sectors.

We ensure that our products make your job easier and help in yielding better results. Our engines are the most preferred choice when it
comes to powering applications and equipment in the following sectors:

Some of the prominent application in Agro Industrial segment are:

Threshers, Sugarcane crushers, Rice Hullers, Coffee pulper, Chaff cutter, Floor mills, Saw mills, Sprinklers, Oil Expeller

Some prominent applications in Industrial segment are:

Concrete mixers, Mini dumpers, Hoist / winches, Block making machine, Needle
vibrators, Plate compactor, Rock cutters, Tough rider, Marine – Inboard motor (IBM), Marine – outboard motor (OBM)