Control Panel


A wide range of applications, from large Outdoor and Indoor Substations to small stand-alone switching requirements of : State Electricity Boards, Utilities, Power generation, Mining, Defense Applications and Industries like Cement, Steel, Paper, Textile, Chemical and other process industries. For all type of loads like Motors, Transformers, Capacitors, Generators, Power Station Auxiliaries etc.

  • Air insulated, Metal clad construction.
  • Dust protected and Vermin proof
  • Compartmentalised design, Extensible on both sides.
  • Single and Double Busbar type.
  • Suitable for Indoor and Out door installation.
  • Test, Service and Isolated positions for the CB within the cubicle.
  • Horizontal Isolation and Horizontal Drawout.
  • Easy retrofitting facility with Cassette System.
  • Identically Rated Breakers are readily interchangeable in the cubicle.
  • Safety and Positive Interlocks.
  • Suitable for Auto Reclosing duty.
  • Manual and Electrical Operation.